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In 2020, the 7th International Public Art Festival Art Prospect simultaneously brings together 23 cities and 13 countries in an online-offline format. The festival showcases augmented reality works at the Ivan Gaza Palace of Culture (St. Petersburg), as well as interventions viewable both online and offline. This new format allows us to host scheduled events despite the COVID-19 pandemic by abiding by safety guidelines, and to significantly expand the festival audience. Art Prospect’s theme for 2020 is Treasure Hunt. Treasure is a metaphor for a “new age, ” for our artists’ emotions and experiences while isolated and their interpretation of the boundaries between public and private.

During the festival dates (October 15–18, 2020), residents in each of the participating artists’ cities were able to see in person works (interventions) that the artists have created in their own public/visible yet private zones — balconies, windows, yards and courtyards — or while socially distancing (on bridges, at intersections, in the mountains). 

Interventions in 12 countries


Sarah Burrell (Melbourne), Hello Wanderer


Gafar Rzayev (Ganja), Boy with White Bedsheet


Alice Murlina (Minsk), Home2020

Nadya Sayapina (Minsk), Trash Art Cache


Mikheil Sulakauri (Tbilisi), Be Careful What You Wish For


Pasha Cas (Almaty), One-Person Protest

Meruert Kunakova (Almaty), Shash (Kazakh for “hair”)

Mariam Talibjanova (Almaty), Secrets of My Wise Grandmother’s Bequest


Diana U (Bishkek), Ow / Moon


Ciprian Antoci (Chisinau), Bricks


Nastia Babitskaya (St. Petersburg, Russia), Vacation

Anna and Vitaly Chereponov (Yekaterinburg, Russia), Autumn in a Collective Garden

Tanya Chernomordova (St. Petersburg, Russia), Murav’inaya Skhvatka (Ant Fight)

Liubov Chernysheva (St. Petersburg, Russia), WindOurs

Karina Dracheva (St. Petersburg, Russia), I Danced Here

Fedor Dubrovin (Khyymalakasy, Chuvash Republic, Russia), Our House (Consumers)

Ulyana Erokhina (St. Petersburg, Russia), Let’s Warm This Time Up

Tonya Fa (St. Petersburg, Russia), Flight Cancelled

Fedor Hiroshiga (St. Petersburg, Russia), I Can Feel the Distance

Nadia Ishkinyaeva and Marina Shamova (St. Petersburg, Russia), Paths of Care

Evgeny Korelin (St. Petersburg, Russia) and Yulia Vedernikova (Perm, Russia), Your Inner Space

Nastya Makarenko and Anna Tereshkina (St. Petersburg, Russia), Alarm System (a play in lights)

Alexandra Melnikova (Tyumen, Russia), Safe Distance

MorMir20 (PlagueWorld20) (St. Petersburg, Russia), Group Exhibition at Kunsthalle nummer sieben

Konstantin Novikov (St. Petersburg, Russia), Wind Catcher

Punctuation (Yekaterina Polyakova, Natalya Tikhonova, Ivan Shatravin-Dostov),

(St. Petersburg, Russia), Green Corridor

Vladimir Seleznyov (Yekaterinburg, Russia), Window Suprematism

Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai (St. Petersburg, Russia), Firefighter Fountain

Daria Taran (St. Petersburg, Russia), Legends and Myths

Techno Poetry (Anton Komandirov, Anastasia Vepreva, Roman Osminkin, and Maria Shamova) (St. Petersburg, Russia), No Gatherings of More than Two

Galya Yaptik (St. Petersburg, Russia), “Our” Home Photo Studio on the Balcony

Sasha Zubritskaya (St. Petersburg, Russia), Penultima


Khurshed Rasulzade (Dushanbe), Rapunzel


Victoria Myronyuk (Kolomiya), What happens next, for instance


Andy Graydon (Minneapolis, MN), Great Refractor Listening Station (Breathing Room St. Petersburg)

Alisa Dworsky & Danny Sagan (Montpelier, VT), Interspace

Theresa Columbus, Skyler Fort, Megan Lovely & Tavia La Follette (Baltimore, MD),Exposure

KOSMOLOGYM (Harrisonburg, VA) Dirtball: Fruiting Body

Luisa Caldwell (Brooklyn, NY), I Spy Butterfly

Will Owen (Philadelphia, PA), Friendship Games

Terry S. Hardy (Lawrenceville, GA), REMAINING: treasure of memory

Elana Herzog (Manhattan, NY), The Palace at 9am

Robert Hickman (Brooklyn, NY), Symbolic Crossing of the 1st Krasnenky Bridge

Ed Woodham (Brooklyn, NY), Red String Theory


Vakhid Kazimov (Tashkent), Tashkent and Seattle: A Story of Sister Cities

Augmented Reality at the Ivan Gaza Palace of Culture, St. Petersburg

Vladimir Abikh (St. Petersburg, Russia), Time Has Passed

Annie Albagi (San Francisco, CA), A Breath Together

APXIV (ARCHIVE) (Russia, Germany, England) ANTIfrieze

Dagnini (Moscow, Russia), Attention Choir

Deus ExCavator (Kerim Ragimov and Petr Shvetsov, St. Petersburg), John Silver

Joshua Goode (Fort Worth, Texas), The Discovery of the Chupacabra

Olesya Ilenok (Yekaterinburg, Russia), Wall_for_scroll

Dmitri Kavka (Moscow, Russia) Tautobot (from the Greek ταὐτός, “the same” + bot)

Anna Martynenko (St. Petersburg, Russia) Stone Masonry and The Parrots of DK Gaza

Nikita Seleznev (St. Petersburg, Russia), The tulips are too excitable — it’s winter here

Navid Tschopp (Zurich, Switzerland), The Third Grid