Making Day-to-Day Reality

Artists: Julia Jalowiec, Sara Cardona, Rusty Scruby, Luke Sides, Kristin Cochran, Tamara Johnson, Barbara Horlander, Teresa Rafidi, Hayley Fowler

The Carillon Gallery

As everything changes rapidly nowadays the idea of “here and now” and concepts of space perception has taken on a new dimension in recent years. The exhibition Making Day-to-Day Reality brings together works by artists who put the topic of relationships of space, objects and body in everyday realities at the heart of their reflection. With the Internet, our life has changed so much that “here and now” can occur simultaneously in different geographical locations. The virtual world became an extension of a familiar reality, proposing new forms of interaction between people, objects and space. The event memory is made up of fragments of the news feed, which is similar to a collage of elements that were cut from different contexts. Computers and machines trained with the help of neural networks prove their independence and offer to rethink the relationships of human being and objects, as well as think about a new physicality, in which both human and objects can be considered as equal objects in space. And finally, virtual space forces us to admit that time can no longer be a linear quantity, it becomes uneven and simultaneous. The selected artists review everyday life and relationships of human, objects and space through their experience, images of daily routine, personal stories and memory. They invoke the past as well as search for new connections between living beings and objects in modern life; reanimate memory by using photography, rethink the space of everyday life through sculpting and installation. The exposition is a look at space, it captures new connections between the elements that form our daily life and reflect its changes.