Agile gallery: Unincluded. Katerina Sokolovskaya



Project Agile gallery makes contemporary art open to different groups of citizens, creates a place for the exchange of ideas between art and other disciplines. Curating art exhibitions, education and public programs in unconventional locations in Saint Petersburg, we build a platform for discussion around social, cultural and political issues. 

The first event of the Agile gallery project was the mobile exhibition “Unincluded”, the place for which was a truck. The exhibition took place on October 7 in the city of St. Petersburg and had several locations in the city center. The exhibition showed works of more than 30 artists.

“Unincluded” is a research exhibition that asks itself a question of self-censorship within the artistic community, trying to identify the most pressing topics and tense moments in the relationship between the author and artwork.

The artist could provide artwork that was rejected to participate in other projects due to self-censorship. Most of the submitted works were exhibited for the first time. In the texts of their works, artists described aesthetic, political or personal reasons that forced them to abandon the public presentation of the work earlier. The video and descriptions revealed the history of not included works, their further fate and, often, the complex relationship of the author and his or her work.