Don Quixote. Chapter In Which…


(In collaboration with Nikita Seleznev)

This is an adventure exhibition, an unpublished chapter of a novel or a life story, where reality and fantasy go hand in hand, inviting the viewer to find differences by yourself.

Nowadays, Don Quixote’s travels acquire new meanings without losing their relevance. In the world of post-truth politics, when facts and fiction merge into a single whole, and the edges of personal and collective madness become blurred, Don Quixote’s desperate and bold actions no seem insane anymore, but rather offer to look at everyday life more attentively, knowing that reality can be interpreted differently.

At the exhibition “Don Quixote. The chapter in which… “the idea of traveling inside the fictional world is reflected in the museum space by artistic installations combining historical materials and modern installations. Photo archives, letters, sculptures and video materials tell true and fictional stories about exploits and dreams, experiences and impressions. 

Photo: Vladimir Abikh