Festival of Performing Arts “Don Quixote And All All All”


The project of the House-Museum of Chaliapin is a festival of performative art “Don Quixote And All All All” uniting the space of a literary piece with its historical duration and modern interpretations.

Archival photographs from the funds of the Museum of Theatrical and Musical Arts tell about the role of Don Quixote in the work of Chaliapin and his younger contemporaries, and contemporary artists interpret the themes of Don Quixote, “quixotism” and wanderings in a fictional world by means of the 21st century. The travel exhibition covers the entrance area, the loft and the main exhibition of the Museum, offering visitors several routes to choose from, so that everyone can make their own way through the exhibition space and gain a unique experience.

Participants: Andrey Dyachenko, Artyom Terentyev, Lyudmila Mochalova, TechnoLaboratory, Nastya Rebkalo, Masha Sheshukova, Elena Tikhonova, Sergey Pashkov, Vasily Zhdamirov, Marina Shamova, Igor Podnebesnov, Marina Podnebesnova, Katerina Chadina, Sergey Khiiri.