Double Breath


Artists: Katerina Sokolovskaya, Pavel Grazhdanskij

3120 gallery 

Light airiness take turns by hyperventilated congestion. The meditative sound of compressed and pushed air, distributed over space, is enhanced by video memory about breathing and streams, about the body and sensory perception of images, about joy and anxiety that cannot be missed.

We are thinking about anxiety, earthborn connections, bodily experiences of getting out of a closed state, combining sculpture, graphics and video.

Sculpture proposes an interaction in which the bodily tension inherent to social distancing can be relieved through squeezing, slipping and light touching. The sensations brought into the object dimension, volumetric and relief, opposed to casual touches, makes possible to look differently at sensory experience and ideas about space.

In the video work the space of anxiety is revealed and comprehended in the meditative vibe of sirens, which accompanies the streams of codependencies and intermittent images associated with breathing. On the contrary a clamped layers, a collage of a suspended moment and presence that expands the body into a ratio of noise and murmuring vibrations.

Reflecting on how anxiety fits into the new everyday life, whether it can be overcome through documentation and observation, conceptualisation and discussion, we find filters and fixation edges that are common to everyone and personal to everyone, like air.

What can we learn from birds that have the organic capability of double breathing, the air sac system that allows oxygenation of the lungs during exhalation? From time to time finding a second wind, or with a mask on a chin following through blown lines, is it left for us to watch the breath?