Installation, performance

In collaboration with Inna Krasnoper


The work has started as a deepening into the question, if a Room may have autonomous environment and be considered in its entirety, without a human immediately imposing a function and hierarchy onto it.

Hence, a Room has received large Hands — growing of the walls. And a human, present in it — was to join the forming environment, finding a way to situate themselves. The desire to co-operate and cohabilitate was the drive to go further — inside a Room, and — with the stretch of time.

* “Rather than imagine this lived body as something we animate from within as a vehicle of expression, the body is an opening to relation: ‘The human has no body and is no body, but rather it lives its body [Leib]. The human lives in that in bodies [leibt], and thus it is admitted into the open of space, and through this self-admittance it holds itself already from the outset in a relation to its fellow humans and things (KPR 13).’”

There is a meeting, it is right there. Appearing and re-appearing. Surfacing. Embedding. Enclosing. Directing and deviating. Bodies & elements. Inclining, declining. Is there a protocol for gathering of forces?

We follow. Walk along. Come with. Installation is being inhabited by the performer, whilst a visitor has a possibility to stay with it a desired duration of time. Participants and observers join each other. They fall apart. Lean onto. Fall out. Come together. They are. Space-in-g

* From “Heidegger Among the Sculptors: Body, Space, and the Art of Dwelling”