“Spacing” is an interdisciplinary art project that brings together specialists from different directions who explore space and create site-specific works.

Human interaction with the physical space has always been reflected in the visual arts, but the perception of space has clearly changed with the development of new technologies and access to the Internet. Boundaries of private and public was blurred, and understanding of place and time was shifted. Has been affecting different aspects of life and art, this process has forced us to research the relationship of the body and space again.

Within the “Spacing” project, the invited participants and the guests could share their thoughts and results of creative quests in the field of research and work with space. Meetings of participants were held in the format of laboratories, lectures, demonstrations and workshops. The project included a lot of events and ended with an art exhibition at the art-residence QuartaRiata in Peterhof.

The final exhibition featured individual works and collaborations of artists and architects, performers, or musicians. Each work was created by the participants, comprehending a certain place in space, coming into contact with its history, peculiarities of architecture, or personal experiences.