Public art object

Eco-City, St. Petersburg 

The sculpture «Transformation» is inspired by two themes. This is an urban space with its clarity and geometry — on the one hand. And natural motives, which are characterized by flowing smooth lines, chaotic arrangement and a variety of textures — on the other. In the sculpture, images of «urban» and «natural» are combined. So, simple geometric shapes — a ball, a cube — have become a continuation of the idea of urban space, the architecture of which tends to a clear geometry and is mainly a combination of simple shapes. The idea of «natural» in sculpture was embodied through a complex relief that filled its entire surface. It resembles a drawing of the bark of a tree or stone, algae or shell, all at the same time. The relief fills the sides of the cube and balls and breaks their severity and clarity with its smooth transitions and flowing lines. Thus, the composition of the sculpture combines the natural and the urban, their transformation takes place, where each of the manifestations of the form is no longer perceived in its original state, but influences each other.